Archery privileges are open to any member (in good standing) subject to the following Rules and Regulations or of any that may be made hereafter by the Archery Committee or by the Board of Directors. For the most part, the Archery Hunting rules are enforced by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Fish and Wildlife Laws with the following exceptions:

  • No cutting of any tree, shrub, bush, roots larger than 1.5 inches and only to open shooting access.
  • Trash is to be put in the container provided or take it to the dumpster at the club house.
  • Flagging or reflective pins or any other markers are allowed but must be removed after their use and be properly discarded.
  • No dumping of trash of any kind on club property, dispose of trash in the trash can or dumpster.
  • All members and guests are required to have a hunting license and the appropriate stamps issued by the Massachusetts Division of Fish and Wildlife.
  • Archery on WRGC property is only allowed in designated areas (indoor or outdoor).

The Archery Committee will be scheduling events throughout the year in the form of league nights, Tri-County 3D shoot, IBO events and other events. All events are open to club members and the public.

Tree Stands and Blinds

The use of Tree Stands on WRGC Property is governed by the Tree Stand Regulations adopted by the Board of Directors.¬†Click here to view WRGC’s Tree Stand Regulations.¬†Other tree stand recommendations include:

  • No member may have a tree stand or blind behind or down range of the Outdoor Range during the operational time of the Outdoor Range whether it is being used or not.
  • Members may use tree stands or blinds to hunt or observe from.
  • Members may have up to 3 tree stands. However, a mounted tree stands or blind DOES NOT reserve that area unless it is occupied at the time of another member coming into the area. It is expected that common curtsies will prevail, the first hunter in the area is the one that has precedence to hunt that area.
  • Tree stand users are required to use safety harnesses that are attached to the tree without exception.
  • The use of tree stands is restricted to members ONLY

Trail Cameras and other monitoring devices

Trail Cameras and other monitoring device are NOT allowed during the off season (April 1st to August 15th). At a minimum all devices used to monitor wildlife must have the members name clearly marked on the device. Members may have as many devices as needed however they are responsible for removing them during the off season. Any device found during the off season shall be removed and turned into the Board of Directors.

Indoor Archery Range

Members may choose to use the Indoor Archery Range. The rules governing the use of the Indoor Archery Range can be found in the Wankinquoah Rod and Gun Club Standard Operating Procedures. Archers may only shoot at the targets provide and NO private targets are allowed. NO broad head or hunting arrows are to be shot at the targets in the indoor range. The archery committee has specific targets for the sighting in of broad heads and hunting arrows contact the Archery Committee.

Any member or guest being found not in compliance with these rules shall be subject to a hearing of the Board of Directors and may be terminated from the membership.