Fishing privileges are open to any member (in good standing) subject to the following Rules and Regulations or of any that may be made hereafter by the Fishing Committee or by the Board of Directors. For the most part, the fishing rules are enforced by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Fish and Wildlife Laws with the following exceptions:

  • No cutting of any tree, shrub, bush, roots or any other part of the pond’s eco-system, within 150 feet of the pond. Pond erosion is a concern, keep all erosion to a minimum.
  • No throwing of rocks into the ponds.
  • Trash is to be put in the container provided or take it to the dumpster at the club house.

The Fishing Committee will be scheduling events throughout the year. All events are open to club members and the public and will be scheduled well in advance of the event so that they may be coordinated with other committee schedules.

Fishing Licenses
All members and guests that are require to have a fishing license by the DFW, fishing on Wankinquoah Rod and Gun Club ponds are required to display their Massachusetts Fishing License on the back of a hat or shirt so that it is plainly visible from 15 feet.

Stocking day
There is no fishing allowed on Stocking day. The fishing season starts as outline in the DFW Abstracts or the next day at dawn, which ever applies. On stocking day members and their families are encouraged to participant in the stocking of the fish.

Opening and closing dates
The fishing season on the Club property will begin on the first Sunday in May on stocked ponds until the season ends in accordance with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts fishing regulations. Fishing times will be in accordance with the Commonwealth regulations unless altered by the

Trout may be taken by any legal means in any pond on the property. Positively no snagging or netting will be allowed in the catching of fish on the property. Trout may be taken by flies, spinners or live or artificial bait. Positively no snagging or use of a net except after a trout has been taken. No other means of taking fish will be allowed. All Large mouth Bass are catch and release within the above tackle rules.

A member is allowed to take as many trout as the DFW Laws allow in any one day. These limits apply to all ponds and streams on the property. Derbies are excluded. State limit applies to other species of fish on any of the ponds.

A boat by definition of this document is any vehicle that allows one to navigate the the ponds. Boats are allowed on the ponds, however no power other than electric motors or oars/paddles. Boats may be used on the ponds of the Wankinquoah Rod and Gun Club, Inc., however we will not be responsible for loss or damage to them. You shall not leave any boat tied to the dock for more than 15 minutes. All members and guests must meet the boating rules of the club. All boats left on the property shall be required to be chained and padlocked to a fix object like a tree and not in the water. All boats are required to have club sticker attached to the inside transom left side facing forward. All boats must be removed from the club property by October 1st of the year.

Cleaning Fish
NO members shall clean any fish on the dock, stairs or picnic tables of the club. If you are caught cleaning fish on these areas you will be subject to a hearing of the Board of Directors.

Registering Trout
All trout caught must be registered in the registry book at the club house. Your name, date, and quantity must be recorded. Neglecting to do this will be sufficient cause for action by the Fishing Committee or the Board of Directors for further action.

Family Fishing
At any time, except on stocking day, members may take the immediate members of his 01 her family, except children over the age of eighteen years, fishing. They may fish only while accompanied by the member, and the member will be responsible for their conduct They are also subject to all club Rules and Regulations while on the property.

Number of rods and reels
Any member or guest fishing on the ponds of Wankinquoah Rod and Gun Club are restricted to 3 lines in the water at any given time. If you are caught with more than 3 lines in the water you will be subject to a hearing by the Board of Directors.

Any and all rules shall be followed and any infraction shall be subject to a hearing and possible termination of membership by the Board of Directors.