Hunting and Game

The formation of the Hunting & Game Committee is a matter of speculation. The Wankinquoah Rod & Gun Club was established as a hunting and fishing club in 1928. The formalization of the Hunting & Game Committee came as the club began stocking programs for rabbit and, later, for pheasant and quail.

Historically, the committee organized hunting ‘tournaments’ with prizes awarded for the largest deer in a season. The committee also helped run a very active rabbit hunting program in Tihonet. This program featured dog trials that drew enthusiasts from all over the region.

The Hunting & Game Committee monitors and manages all activities related to hunting on WRGC property as follows:

  • Procure and stock pheasant for entire WRGC membership during Commonwealth of Massachusetts upland hunting season
  • Recommend and perform maintenance of fields and transition areas necessary for cover and feed

The Hunting & Game Committee holds the following events to fund its activities:

  • The Annual Game Supper
  • The Winter Clam Boil
  • Raffle of a Black Powder Gun
  • Raffle of a Compound Bow
  • A Fall Turkey Shoot
  • A Prime Rib Dinner with Speaker


The Hunting & Game Committee enforces the following set of rules:

  • Hunting is open to all WRGC members in good standing
  • All hunters must be duly licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Hunting of any stocked or native game is open only during seasons and is allowed only as defined by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Guest Participation (As defined within the WRGC By-laws)

While in the field and participating in any hunting activity on a published stocking date there shall be no guests allowed before noon. At all other times that hunting is allowed, a member is entitled to have with them no more than one (1) guest.

  • There shall be no permanent tree stands erected. Portable tree stands may be allowed on a year-to-year basis and members must contact the Hunting & Game Chairman for further information.
  • During hunting season, vehicles may not be parked beyond the club pond
  • During hunting season, vehicles may be driven beyond the pond for stocking and game pickup only


  • Please refer to the Upland Game Committee for information on off-season hunting in WRGC’s licensed preserve.