Indoor and Outdoor Pistol Ranges

The purpose of these rules is to define the use of the Wankinquoah Rod and Gun Club ranges to their maximum potential with the least amount of damage to club property, the environment and with safety as the primary concern. Guests using the range must be accompanied by a member. Range rules are there for your safety anyone not observing the range rules will be asked to leave and will be brought in front of the Board of Directors for further action. DO NOT mix drugs or alcohol with SHOOTING.

A firearm for the purpose of these rules is any firearm that fires a projectile or mechanism that will propel an object. This is to include air guns, rifles, and paintball guns or any other configuration that obtain the objective of propelling a projectile.

Wankinquoah Rod and Gun Club has designated areas for firearm ranges. There will be NO discharging of a firearm on club property other than at the designated ranges. The exception to the rule is during club events, function or open club hunting seasons.

The Range Committee will be scheduling events throughout the year in the form of league nights, ham and turkey shoots, NRA, CMP events and other events. All events are open to club members and the public and will be scheduled well in advance of the event so that they may be coordinated with other committee schedules.

Click here to review the Outdoor Range Rules, Policies, and Hours of Operations.

The Indoor Range rules are as follows… 

Firearms permitted

  • Any .22 to .32 caliber rifle, any handgun that fires a traditional known cartridge.

Ammunition Permitted

  • All traditionally known pistol rounds including full metal jacket (ie: .25 ACP through .45 ACP).
  • All traditionally know revolver rounds either lead or semi-jacked.
  • Any rim fired ammunition from .17 caliber to .32 caliber.
  • For other than listed permission of the range safety officer must be obtained.

Equipment Required

  • Mandatory use of ear and eye protection while using the indoor range or as a spectator.
  • A firearm in good working condition that is safe to shoot.

The following are NOT allow in the Indoor Range:

  • Fully automatic firearms
  • Black powder firearms of any kind
  • Black powder fixed ammunition
  • Center fire rifles of any caliber
  • Shotguns of any gauge
  • Shot shells fired from a handgun or rifle
  • Firing armor piercing ammunition
  • Firing of tracer ammunition
  • Firing of any multiple projectile ammunition
  • Firing of handguns that are chambered for what is traditionally known as a center fire rifle round ammunition.
  • The unsafe handling of firearms and/or ammunition
  • The consumption of alcohol or drugs on the range or for at least eight (8) hours prior to using the range
  • The consumption of drink, food and/or smoking while on the range.