Plymouth County League of Sportsmen

The purpose of the Plymouth County League of Sportsmen is to conserve, restore and manage the fish, game and other wildlife and its habitat in Plymouth County and its environs. The organization seeks::

  • To procure better hunting and fishing for sportsmen and women
  • To promote and maintain friendly relations between landowners and sportsmen
  • To cooperate in obtaining proper respect for and observance of  fish and game laws
  • To engage in activities necessary for the introduction and passage of laws which will favorably affect the above purposes
  • To promote closer cooperation in matters of common interest to member clubs, and
  • To acquire, hold, maintain, use and dispose of such real and personal property as may be necessary and convenient to carry out the above purposes.

WRGC has four delegates and one alternate delegate to the Plymouth County League of Sportsmen.

Name Telephone
Chief Delegate         Bruce Westgate 508-291-1895
Delegate                    Rodlyn Correia 508-295-2339
Delegate                    Charlie Wade 508-763-0200
Delegate                    Mike Armberg 508-673-2539
Alternate                   Bob MacIver 508-866-2494