Upland Game

The Upland Game Committee was established in 1994 by the Board of Directors in response to a group of members that wanted to try ‘something different’. That something turned out to be a private hunting preserve on which WRGC members would stock and hunt game. The ‘different’ piece of the equation was that the interested members would fund the program entirely and that the club budget would not be burdened.

Prior to 1994 hunting on the Pine Street property was difficult at best. The only ‘field’ available was what existed under the Comm. Electric power lines. Over the past ten years Wankinquoah’s members have worked to improve the hunting grounds at Pine Street so that it could be used for many purposes and enjoyed by nearly everyone.

Through efforts by individual WRGC members and with the coordination of the Upland Game Committee the following improvements have been made:

  • Four areas have been cleared and managed to provide in excess of ten acres of open fields. These fields have been repeatedly cleared, rocked and seeded through the efforts of the membership.
  • Three additional areas totaling about four acres have been cut and maintained as transition areas.
  • A network of approximately five miles of trails has been laid out and maintained. These trails provide access to all corners of the property and are used for such functions as the Archery/3D shoots, year-round hiking and cross-country skiing areas for its members and guests.
  • The Upland Committee provides a shooting preserve licensed through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The shooting preserve is open to all WRGC members to use provided they comply with state and accepted WRGC regulations.

The Upland Game Committee is open to all WRGC members on a subscription basis. Each member joins the program based on different participation levels. Each level has a different fee associated with it.

The Upland Game Committee begins its schedule of stockings after the muzzleloader deer season in December and continues through March. This allows the WRGC members to hunt all winter long.

The Upland Game Committee continues to thrive as a part of the WRGC and as an extension of the Hunting & Game Committee. Currently, the Upland Game Committee assumes responsibility for all stocking activity with its members being required to stock partridge and pheasant for each club hunt.

The Upland Game Committee benefits the club by maintaining WRGC’s fields and trail network through annual work parties. The Committee also holds an annual Prime Rib Dinner with Speaker every spring with profits from the event going directly into the WGRC General Fund.

The Upland Game Committee works closely with the Hunting & Game Committee to ensure that WRGC members have a place to hunt.